Check My Email Address

If you see 'I Need To... Check my email address' in the I Need To... menu, then this topic may relate to you.

If Heritage Online has problems delivering email to your nominated email address, then the I Need To... menu may advise you to check your email address.

If you use Heritage Online we recommend you have an email address registered. This ensures that you receive emails to confirm certain actions or notify you of events that take place on your membership via Heritage Online.

The above message appears in the I Need To... menu when Heritage has detected that the emails being sent to you have 'bounced back'. The reason for these 'bounce backs' and possible solutions are described below. We suggest that you work through these steps to ensure your email address is correct and that you are able to receive Heritage Online emails:

Invalid Email Address

There may be an error in your email address. Check to ensure the spelling and any special characters are correct as well as the provider of the email (the @... part of the email). A common mistake is to include instead of (or similar).

Email Inbox is full

Your email account's inbox may have reached its maximum size quota so no new emails can be delivered to it. Check your email account and delete some old messages or unwanted messages to create space for new emails.

Email Provider issues

Your email account provider may be having technical problems. This may cause issues with accepting a new email from Heritage Online or is delivering it to your email account. You will need to wait for your email provider to resolve the issue or contact them to report/ enquire about an issue.

You can update your email address via the Manage Contact Details option under the Profile menu (if you are registered for SMS Security), visiting a Heritage branch or calling us on 13 14 22.

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