A new era in Australian banking

People’s Choice and Heritage Bank have merged to create a new national mutual that offers a compelling alternative to the big banks.

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Say hello to a leading member-owned bank

People's Choice and Heritage Bank merged in March 2023 to create a national mutual that presents a compelling alternative to the big banks.

We are now on an exciting journey to bring together our products, services and technology under a single name and brand.

People First Bank - our new brand - says exactly what we're all about: people.

We're dedicated to you, your finances and your future. With the collective might of more than 700,000 members (and growing) leading the way, People First Bank is focused on making banking brilliant and building a brighter world for all.

Mutuality is in our DNA, People First Bank will remain 100% member-owned and focused on keeping our members at the centre of every decision we make.

Our Journey

A new name in Toowoomba

As a member-owned bank, we want you involved in every step of the journey as we introduce our new brand. From now on, you will start to see People First Bank come to life, and you may have seen the change to the sign on our head office building in Toowoomba.

Though we will continue to trade under the existing brand names of People's Choice and Heritage Bank for an interim period, we officially adopted the name of People First Bank for our new organisation in March this year.

To signify this, we have decided to update the signage on the top of our dual head office buildings - one in Toowoomba and one in Adelaide. The 'Heritage Bank' sign on the top of the Toowoomba building was replaced with 'People First Bank' signage in June this year. 

What happening next? 

We're deliberately taking a phased approach to the rollout of our new People First Brand, as we believe that is the most sensible and cost-effective approach. This phased approach applies to the rebranding of our 92 branches and mini-branches. 

We will start by converting our People's Choice branches in South Australia, Victoria and the Northern Territory to People First Bank branding. This process will start in July this year and we aim to have them all rebranded by the end of the year. We will then move on to our Heritage Bank branches. We will start with our Heritage branches in New South Wales, and then move onto our Queensland branches and mini-branches next year.

For now, the rebranded branches will continue to offer the full range of Heritage Bank products. Although the branches will look a little different, your experience will remain the same. That's because we are working hard behind the scenes to offer People First Bank branded products in the future. 

Rest assured, our members will be the first to know of any new changes. While our name and brand will change, our commitment to our people and local communities as well as our dedication to serving our members stays the same.

Members do not need to do anything

The way you do your day-to-day banking will not change for the moment. Your accounts will remain the same and the same friendly employees will continue to look after your needs. There will be no immediate impact on your Heritage Bank accounts, loans, cards, or other products and services. Your BSB, account number, Internet Banking and App will continue to operate in exactly the same way for now. 

We will be in touch about any changes that may affect you in future as the full integration process gets underway, but there is no need for you to do anything now – other than share in our excitement about the opportunity we have to create something special.

This merger is all about delivering more for you, our members. That means enhanced products and services, better digital capabilities and competitive pricing, as well as increased support for community and environmental initiatives.

Stay scam aware
If you receive calls, SMSs or emails claiming to be from Heritage, People's Choice, or People First Bank that ask for your bank account or credit card details, or request you to share security codes or passwords, please do not provide them or any of your personal details. Contact us 24/7 on 13 14 22 to report suspected frauds or scams.

Our Official Websites

As we work towards adopting our new brand, we will slowly phase out our existing brands, including their websites. For now, these are the only three official website addresses for our bank.

Remember to double check the web address matches one of the above if you're unsure.


What does our new name mean?

We are delighted to unveil our new name and brand - People First Bank - which says exactly what we're all about - people. 

This is a fresh new brand that builds on our past, reflects the deep roots and values of both brands, and is underpinned by the feedback from our people and members who told us they wanted us to continue to put people first.

People First Bank reflects our continuing focus on delivering positive change for our members, communities and people, while underscoring our ongoing commitment to being a purpose-driven, customer-owned alternative to the listed banks.

Will products and services change?

There are no immediate changes. Both the Heritage Bank and People's Choice brands will continue to operate as usual. 

Over time, products and services will be rebranded, and members will continue to have access to a range of award-winning, competitively-priced products and services. In time, we will also move to a single technology platform, ensuring our members can access a contemporary banking platform to meet the needs of new and existing members. 

Members will be kept updated throughout this process so that they know what to expect as the changes will be introduced progressively over some time. 

What products and services will be available in a People First Bank rebranded branch?

Our rebranded branch will continue to offer the full range of People's Choice or Heritage branded products and services (depending on the branch you visit). All products, services and advice obtained in those branches will continue to be provided by Heritage and People's Choice Ltd trading as People's Choice Credit Union or Heritage Bank. 

Are we still a mutual given 'Bank' is in our new name?

 Yes. We remain 100% member-owned and focused on serving you, our members. Our new brand reflects our aspiration as a national mutual that offers a genuine alternative to the listed banks. The simple truth is that many people today aren't familiar with the terms "credit union" or "building society", and don't understand what they mean. Using the term "bank" in our name makes clear to everyone what our core business is. 

That's not to say we are the same as other banks. We differentiate ourselves as a purpose-driven alternative to listed banks, which are all about maximising profit. 

How will members benefit?

The merger has provided the scale needed to ensure members continue to benefit from competitive financial products, personalised customer service and modern, secure banking technology – all with the care that only a strong, sustainable, member-owned banking organisation can provide.

We are now large enough to offer members more but still small enough to retain the personal touch.

The benefits that members will enjoy over time as a result of the merger include:

  • Gaining access to one of Australia's largest member-owned branch networks of 95 sites.
  • A wide range of competitively-priced products and services.
  • Better payment options.
  • The removal of a number of fees and charges.
  • 24/7 Australian-based call centre support and Saturday trading in selected branches. 
  • Contemporary, secure digital banking, backed by ongoing investment to meet members' evolving needs.
  • A minimum of $50 million over five years in community support and environmental initiatives.
  • Local knowledge, employment and investment from our permanent, dual head offices in Adelaide and Toowoomba. 

What has happened to my membership?

Members of both People’s Choice and Heritage Bank have automatically become members of the merged organisation.

Will your headquarters move?

No. We will operate dual head offices in Adelaide and Toowoomba. 

We remain committed to maintaining our presence in our existing communities, including continued support of local community programs.


We've put together a comprehensive list of FAQs to answer your questions about our merger with People's Choice Credit Union.

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