How do I order a statement?

How to

How often are statements sent?

For transaction, savings, passbook, term deposit, home loan and personal loan accounts, statements and eStatements will be automatically issued every 150 transactions or 6 months from your account opening date, whichever happens sooner. You can also request your regular statements to be sent to you more frequently.

What if I need a statement now?

If you need your savings or transaction account statement sooner, you can request an up-to-date statement when logged into Heritage Online. This statement will show the transactions that have happened since your last statement date, to the date of your statement request. This request will also reset your statement cycle. 

For example, let's say your last statement was sent to you on 1 July and you order an up-to-date statement on 1 October. Your up-to-date statement will show transactions that happen between 1 July and 1 October. Your next statement will be sent to you 6 months later on 1 April (or after 100 transactions).

How to order an up-to-date statement:

  1. Log into Heritage Online and go to the Transactions menu
  2. Select Transactions and view the transactions for the account you'd like the statement for
  3. Go to I'd like to and select Order a Statement
  4. Review the details and select submit
  • If your account is registered for eStatements, your up-to-date eStatement will be ready to view in Heritage Online within 1-2 business days. You will receive an email advising 'Your statement is ready to view' and will need to log back into Heritage Online to view the eStatement.  
  • If your account is not registered for eStatements, your up-to-date statement will be posted to your mailing address on your account and will take 5-10 business days to arrive.

 This function is available on saving and transaction accounts only. To request a copy of a statement for your home loan, personal loan or credit card account, contact us on 13 14 22. A fee may apply for special request statements and is outlined in our Fees and Limits guide.

What if I need a historical statement?

If your account is registered for eStatements, you'll be able to access your historical statements through Heritage Online. Go to the Services menu, and select View eStatements.

If your account is not registered for eStatements, you'll need to call us on 13 14 22 or visit your local branch to request a copy of a historical statement. A fee may apply for special request statements and is outlined in our Fees and Limits guide.

Set up eStatements
Did you know it's easy to register for eStatements on eligible accounts online? It's a great way to reduce paper, help the environment and get quick access to your statements.

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