Business Visa Credit Card

Our Business Visa credit card gives business owners access to a credit card facility and the option of having multiple cards. 


  • Cards can be issued to business owners and their employees to pay for monthly fuel, accommodation and other business expenses
  • Allows personal and business expenses to be kept separate
  • Convenience to take care of business expenses without having to carry cheques and petty cash
  • Individual monthly spend limits are set by the business owner
  • Multiple cards are issued under one overall approved limit, but each card has an individual spend limit 
  • Interest-free period of up to 40 days (available on purchases only if full payment is received before the interest-free period expires)
  • Available with or without security, subject to certain amounts and lending criteria

Customer Satisfaction

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Interest Rate
Business Visa Secured
Business Visa Unsecured
Interest Rate
Interest Rate
Interest Rate
Rates Effective From 02/07/2018

General Fees Fee Amount
Annual fee $45 per card
Minimum facility limit $1,000
Minimum individual card limit $500
 Cards available to Business principals and employees
 Interest free days Up to 40
Monthly repayment Great of 3% or $30
Bank@Post Transactions $3.00
Manual Transfer Fee
Whenever we manually transfer funds from your Card Account
$2.50 (transfer to Heritage account)
$4.00 (transfer to external payee)

 Cash Advance Fee
Whenever one of the following transactions are performed:

  • Cash withdrawal, cheque withdrawal, manual transfer or debit transfer counter transactions at Heritage branch or mini branch
  • ATM cash withdrawal or transfer within Australia
  • ATM cash withdrawal overseas*
  • Cash withdrawal over the counter at another financial institution (domestically or overseas*)
  • Heritage Access Line Transfer
  • Heritage on-line transfer
  • Withdrawals through Bank@Post
 2% of the withdrawal account (minimum fee of $2.50)

(Other fees may also be applicable for certain cash advance transactions)

*Transactions performed in a currency other than Australian Dollar (AUD) also have Overseas Currency Conversion Fee charged
 One replacement card per account (per year) $0
Subsequent replacement cards $10
Emergency replacement card (within Australia) when replacement card is requested to be delivered within 5 days $25
Emergency replacement card (outside Australia) when replacement card is requested to be delivered within 5 days $200
Overseas currency conversion charged on Visa purchases or cash advances in a foreign currency 3% of the Australian dollar amount
Visa card transaction slip refunded if transaction incorrectly debited $12 per item
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