Manage Scheduled Transfers

Heritage Online Help Centre

If you'd like to manage your scheduled transfers, log in to Heritage Online to get started.

Go to the Transfers menu.

Select Manage Scheduled Transfers

You will then see a list of your scheduled transfers that you have set up in Heritage Online. This will not show your Direct Debits.

Modify a Scheduled Transfer

You can modify the following details by clicking More Options > Edit:

  • Amount
  • Next Transfer Date
  • Frequency
  • End of Transfer/Last Transfer Date

Adjust any of the above fields and then select Submit to proceed to the confirmation page. Review the changes and select Confirm if the changes are correct.

Delete a Scheduled Transfer

To delete a scheduled transfer go to More Options > Delete

Confirm that you'd like to delete the selected payment and select Yes

Note: If you close your access to internet banking, any scheduled payments that you have set up within Heritage Online will also be removed. To learn how to set up a new scheduled transfer, visit our Transfer Money help guide.