Credit Cards

If you're looking for great rewards, a low interest rate, or no annual fee, we have a range of credit and debit cards to choose from.


Our premium card has a competitive interest rate, loads of features and a great rewards program.

Gold Low Rate
An ongoing low variable interest rate, plus lots of features, makes this one of our most popular credit cards.
Heritage Bank’s Classic Visa Card offers a competitive interest rate and up to 55 days interest free* on Visa purchases. 
Visa Debit Card

Gives you the convenience of a credit card, but the security of using your own money so you can keep control of what you spend.

Business Visa
Our Business Visa credit card gives business owners access to a credit card facility and the option of having multiple cards.  
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Understand your credit card's interest free period
By understanding your credit card's interest free period you can make sure your card (and money) is working for you in the best way possible.

Bank Of The Year for Customer Satisfaction

Heritage has been awarded Roy Morgan's 2018 Bank Of The Year for Customer Satisfaction. Just another way we're putting People first.

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