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With a history going back to 1875, we've always been in the business of helping Australians realise their financial dreams. Our members are important to us and we go to great lengths to help them reach their financial goals through our award winning products and People First service.

If you’d like to Switch to Heritage, we’re here to help you through the process and beyond.

New pool thanks to savings
Switching has paid huge dividends for Hatton Vale couple James and Tracy Heck. Now their two kids will now spend this summer splashing around in a new pool.
Open your new account

Open an account online right now and be banking with Heritage in minutes, or visit us in-branch.
Simply Access Transaction account
Our Simply Access account is just that - a simple, but flexible, transaction account with no monthly fee, a Visa Debit card, free EFTPOS and 24/7 access to your income.
Online Saver Savings Account
0.80 % PA
When you add an Online Saver account to your Simply Access transaction account you can manage your savings online and earn higher interest.
Target Bonus
1.35 % PA
bonus interest rate*
Add a Target Bonus account to your Simply Access transaction account and earn bonus interest when you make regular deposits and no withdrawals.
Switch your salary

Let your employer know your new account details. Fill out our salary deposit form then send it to your employer to let them know where to deposit your pay.

Switch your regular payments

Switching all your regular payments that you currently manage can seem like a big job, but we have some simple steps to get you started.   

Take a look over your statements on your old account and identify which payments you’d like to switch. This is a great time to note what dates your payments come in and out, to help your budget planning!

Set up any regular BPAY, Pay Anyone or periodical payments that you'd like to manage yourself in Heritage Online (internet banking).

If you need to register for Heritage Online, call our Queensland based Contact Centre on 14 14 22. They are available 24/7 to take your call.  

Advise your service providers of your new bank account details or your new Visa Debit or Credit card details once you receive it in the mail. 

If you have an online account with your service provider you can usually update your payment details online. Or simply give them a call and update your details over the phone. 

Switch your direct credits & debits

We can help you switch all your direct credits & debits that you hold with other companies at once. Simply complete the Switch of Regular Payments form and return it to us to start the switching process. 

  • We can only switch payments for you that use your BSB and account number. Any payments that use your debit card or credit card details, or that you set up yourself online, can't be switched with this process.
  • It can take up to 6 weeks for your payments to be switched so remember to leave some money in your old account until all payments have successfully switched over.
Breaking down banking jargon
Here's a list of the most common banking jargon terms people don't understand and explained them in plain English.
Switch your loans

Dad in the kitchen with his kids
Home Loans

Let us help you find the loan that's right for you. Choose from one of our fixed or variable rate loans, all with competitive rates.

Car Loan
5.99 % PA 6.63 % PA
Comparison Rate
Enjoy our very competitive fixed interest rate for your shiny new car.
Choose how you spend

Credit Cards

Our range of credit and debit cards offer great value, benefits and global convenience. If you are looking for great rewards, a low interest rate, or no annual fee, we have a range of credit and debit cards to choose from.

SMS and Email Alerts
Receive real-time notifications for key events on your accounts.