Manage Account Nicknames

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How to

Do you want to nickname your savings, bills or loan accounts?

In Heritage Online, you can set your account nicknames. Once set, nicknames will show in Heritage Online and your Mobile Banking App. It's a great way to label your accounts and personalise your banking experience. 

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into Heritage Online on your desktop computer or mobile browser 
  2. Go to the Settings menu and select Manage Account Nicknames
  3. Select More Options than Edit for the accounts you'd like to nickname
  4. Type in your new nickname and click Submit.

Things you should know

  • If an account nickname is not set for an account then the default Heritage account name will be used.
  • The maximum length from an account nickname is 30 characters and special characters are not allowed.
  • Account nicknames are displayed within Heritage Online and the Mobile Banking App in most places, except when viewing interest for year-to-date or on Statements (both eStatements and paper statements).

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