How does and Self-managed super fund work and how do you get a Self-managed Super Fund set up? 

You may have equity in the current property you own that could be used to take out another home loan.
5 property investment strategies
When investing in property you need to be clear with yourself on how you intend to make money from the investment. Here's 5 popular strategies.
Let us help guide you through the preparation process of one of your biggest financial commitments - investing in property. 
Learn about our Government Deposit Guarantee
Deposits with Heritage Bank in eligible accounts are guaranteed by the Federal Government’s Financial Claims Scheme with a Government Deposit Guarantee of up to $250,000.

If your considering managing your own rental property here's a list of things you'll be responsible for.
Investment property expenses you may be able to claim
Start keeping things in order now to help when you do this year's tax return using this handy infographic.

Looking at investing? Here's a list of jargon you might come across in the process.
How to choose a financial planner
Financial planners can help you put thought into action when it comes to your financial goals. Here's a three-step guide for choosing a financial planner.
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Financial planning involves developing a strategy specifically for you to help you reach your financial goals, no matter what your age.
Being a savvy investor involves more than just purchasing a rental property and sitting on it (although that’s a good start).

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