Manage Display Settings

Heritage Online Help Centre

How to

Accessible under the Settings menu.

This function enables you to change the format of the information being displayed by Heritage Online. Any of the below settings can be changed. To save the details, click 'Submit'.

Editable Settings

The following settings are editable:

  • Start page - The first screen to be shown after login
  • Default account - The account selected by default when you login
  • Show closed accounts - If selected, 'closed' accounts will be visible (note you cannot transact on these accounts)
  • Transaction order - Show transaction listings in date order of oldest to newest, or newest to oldest
  • Items per page - The number of transactions displayed/printed on each page when a transaction listing is viewed on screen or printed
  • Default transaction search method - The default transaction listing method (Date Range or Transaction Range). This selection will change the next field
  • Default transaction range
    • Date range: Last N number of days worth of transactions to show or all dates
    • Transaction range: Last N number of transactions or the indicated number of transactions in the 'Items per Page' field.

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