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How to

Delete a payee

To delete an existing payee from your payee list in internet banking, log in to Heritage Online to get started.

Go to the Transfers menu, select Manage Heritage Payees or Manage Inter-bank Payees. 

You will then see a list of payees that you have previously used (other accounts where you have transferred funds).

To delete a Payee:

  1. Click More options >  Delete next to the Payee you would like to delete.
  2. Select to confirm that this is correct and then the Payee will be removed from your list. This cannot be undone.

Learn how to delete a payee in your Mobile Banking App.

Edit an existing payee

Currently, you cannot edit a payee in Heritage Online. You will need to delete the payee, then add the correct payee details while transferring money.

Using PayID FAQ's
How to create, transfer, lock, close and pay to a PayID using our Mobile Banking App.

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