What is Pay Anyone?

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Upon registering for internet banking, you can opt for Pay Anyone with a password or SMS Security. These options allow you to register any account at any financial institution in Australia as a destination to which you can transfer funds.

Pay Anyone Password

Pay Anyone with a password allows you to register a new payee using a set password. Once your new payee is added, they will remain in your list of authorised payees until you remove them. Your Pay Anyone Password has to be different to your login password for internet banking.

SMS Security

SMS Security allows you to register a new payee by sending you a different one-time password (OTP) to your mobile each time. This option requires you to have a mobile phone number registered with Heritage. This is considered a more secure way to transfer than a Pay Anyone password and you can choose to set higher transfer limits than if you were a Pay Anyone password. Learn more.

Pay Anyone Limits

Heritage imposes transfer limits so that in a worse case scenario only a pre-determined amount can be transferred out each day. To see the default limits that apply, view our Fees and Limits Guide. Learn more about changing your transfer limits. 

Register to Pay Anyone

To register for SMS Security, login to Heritage Online and check your mobile number is up to date. Go to Settings > Manage SMS Settings and follow the prompts to enable SMS Security. 

To register for a Pay Anyone password call us on 13 14 22. Alternatively, download the application form and return it to any Heritage branch or mail to us at:

Heritage Contact Centre
P.O. Box 190 

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