Pay Anyone Process

Pay Anyone is the function within Heritage Online that provides members the ability to transfer funds to anyone else.

Pay Anyone allows members to transfer funds to any other membership at Heritage as well as to any other account at any Australian Financial Institution.

Once the transfer to the new destination is complete there is no need to prompt you for a Pay Anyone Password or One Time Password again as you have already authorised this destination.

If someone were to obtain your login password, they would then need to obtain your Pay Anyone Password or obtain your mobile (if using Pay Anyone with SMS Security) to invoke a transfer to a new destination.

Heritage imposes transfer limits on Pay Anyone destinations so that even in a worse case scenario only a pre-determined amount can be transferred out each day. These limits can be lowered by you via Daily Transfer/BPAY Limits under the Settings menu.

If you are using Pay Anyone with SMS Security please note that you will be prompted for a One Time Password if you are attempting to perform a BPAY to a special-limit biller. The point behind this is that special-limit billers operate at a more 'cash-ready' level then a normal biller - meaning that someone could pay more to one of these billers and then go and withdraw the funds from the biller.