Manage Contact Details

Accessible under the Settings menu.

Use this function to change or update your contact details including address, phone numbers and email addresses.

Note: Any member can view their contact details but you must be registered for SMS Security in order to update your contact details. This is a security precaution.

Address Details

Change or update your residential and postal address.

Note: These changes do not take place immediately. Heritage staff receive your change request on the next business day and may contact you to confirm certain information.

Contact Phone Numbers

Update contact phone numbers including home, work and fax numbers.

Mobile Numbers

Update your mobile phone numbers.

Note: Changes made here impact how SMS Security works on Heritage Online. You must have at least one mobile number registered to use SMS Security.

Email Address

Your email address is used by Heritage to send confirmation for any transactions that important or balance-altering transactions (e.g. transfers, card activation).  Simply enter in your email address in the field provided. If you would like to enter in more than one address, separate them with commas (,). e.g.,  Then, click Submit. Your phone numbers and email addresses will be updated immediately.

Note: We will send confirmation of such a change to both your new and old email addresses. This security precaution confirms any updates taking place, for peace of mind in the event you have not authorised any changes.