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Heritage MobilePay


Unlock your screen to make a payment

To make a payment, ensure your phone is turned on and the screen is unlocked. Payments cannot be processed if the screen is inactive or locked. You don't need to have the MobilePay app open to make a payment, you just need to ensure the screen is unlocked.


Before you use MobilePay, check your NFC settings

Ensure NFC is turned on in your device. If you have a Samsung device, you can turn NFC on by going to Settings > NFC.


You will also need to ensure the phone is set to use the Android™ operating system as the NFC processing method. If you have a Samsung device, you can access this setting from the advanced menu in NFC settings (the three stacked dots to the right of the switch to turn NFC on).


Ensure MobilePay is the default payments app

For best results, ensure Heritage MobilePay is the default 'tap and pay' app on your device. You will be prompted to make Heritage MobilePay the default tap and pay app when you first install MobilePay. If you have a Samsung phone, you can edit the tap and pay settings later by going to: Settings > NFC > Tap and pay


To check your balance use the regular Heritage Mobile Banking app

Once activated, the MobilePay app runs in the background to process payments. It can't be used to check account balances. To check your balance or perform regular mobile banking tasks, use the Heritage Mobile Banking app, available from the Google Play™ store.


Tapping your phone

Look for the contactless card symbol on the merchant terminal and move the phone's internal antenna as close to the contactless card symbol as possible. The contactless card symbol may be printed on the device, or may be displayed digitally on a screen, indicating that the NFC reader is in the vicinity of the screen.


Holding your phone

For best results, hold your phone so the NFC antenna faces the contact point on the terminal.


Locating the NFC aerial in your phone

Many NFC-capable phones place the NFC antenna in the battery, which is usually located in the back of the phone.




» What is Heritage's MobilePay?

  • It's a payment method using a Heritage app that allows you to tap your mobile phone at Visa payWave terminals to pay for transactions
  • To start using MobilePay, you must do two things:
    1. Download the MobilePay app from the Google Play TM Store onto your phone
    2. Phone Heritage to register a credit or debit card. We will issue a "virtual" Visa payWave card number, linked to your Heritage account. We will then send an activation code to your phone, so you can get started
  • You can then tap the phone to make payWave transactions at Visa payWave terminals.
  • The app uses the "virtual" card number on your phone to authorise transactions from your Heritage Visa debit or credit account
  • MobilePay uses the Near Field Communications (NFC) function on your Android smartphone to communicate with the terminal and make transactions

» How does the Heritage MobilePay work?

  • MobilePay works by using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. This involves a small antenna embedded in your phone that securely transmits data when it is tapped on a contactless Visa payWave terminal. NFC is a fast and secure way to authorise payments

» How is Heritage MobilePay different to other banks' tap and pay apps?

  • We do not require you to load your "plastic" card information, we create a virtual card to be used specifically on your device

» How do I change my PIN?

  • Via Heritage's Internet Banking
  • Login, select the 'Services' menu, then click on 'Change PIN on Card'

» Can I still use my physical card?

  • Yes, your MobilePay and physical card can be used independently


» How do I register a card on Heritage MobilePay?

  • You need to phone us on 13 14 22. We can then issue you with a virtual card and provide information about activation
  • We will then SMS an activation code to the mobile phone number you have registered with Heritage
  • On the welcome screen, press the button named "Activate App"
  • Read and confirm the Terms and Conditions, and proceed by pressing 'Accept'
  • Enter your member number and activation code
  • Once submitted and verified, your device is ready to make contactless payments

» What to do to use Heritage MobilePay?

  • Download and install Heritage MobilePay
  • You must be a Heritage customer with a Visa debit or credit card account
  • You need to phone us to be issued with a virtual card number
  • We will then SMS an activation code to the mobile phone number you have registered with Heritage

» Do I need a particular account to use Heritage MobilePay?

  • We can issue a virtual card for any existing personal Visa debit or Visa credit card account
  • We can also issue a virtual card for a statement or cheque account
  • Business accounts are unable to use MobilePay at this time

» How many accounts can I link?

  • One account, but it has to be a personal account. Business accounts are not yet eligible for MobilePay.

» How many cards can I load?

  • You can only load one card. However you can deregister a card and then load a different card at any time.

» How much does Heritage MobilePay cost?

  • Heritage does not charge anything for you to download or use MobilePay. However, Heritage MobilePay does use a small amount of data, so check with your mobile phone provider about any data usage charges

» How do I deregister the Heritage MobilePay?

  • You can cancel the virtual card via Heritage's Internet Banking service or by phoning Heritage on 13 14 22
  • You can also uninstall the app and this will remove the card from your device


» How do I use Heritage MobilePay?

  • Your phone must be unlocked to make payments
  • Ensure NFC is turned on
  • Ensure "Heritage Bank MobilePay" is default "Tap and Pay" method
  • Just hold the back of your phone within 2cm of the contactless reader (the phone will vibrate and the terminal will beep or green lights will show to confirm the reader contact was successful)
  • Check the terminal to confirm payment successful
  • Click ‘done' to exit Heritage MobilePay and return to home screen

» Can I use my Heritage MobilePay overseas?

  • Yes, you can use Heritage MobilePay anywhere Visa payWave is accepted
  • Be aware that many countries don't yet have contactless payment options. When travelling ensure you have different payment methods available to use
  • You may also need to talk to your network provider to find out about international roaming costs before using Heritage MobilePay overseas
  • You can also use MobilePay via WiFi as well

» What is the daily limit?

  • Transactions via MobilePay count toward the daily limit on the account that your card is linked to. Refer to our Guide to Deposit or Credit Card products for the daily limits on your account.
  • There is a limit of $100 for each contactless transaction. You can still use MobilePay for transactions over $100, but you will have to enter your PIN

» Can I use the Heritage MobilePay for PIN based transactions?

  • Yes, you will be required to enter your PIN for transactions for $100 or more
  • Your PIN must be set via Internet Banking

» Do I need to select the credit, savings or cheque button?

  • No, selection is automatically processed to the credit option. This avoids incurring Heritage transaction fees in Australia. (If you are overseas, some international fees may apply)

» Can I accidently pay for something just by walking past a contactless terminal?

  • No, there are multiple safeguards in place to stop this happening
    • Your phone must be unlocked before MobilePay can work
    • Heritage MobilePay automatically closes after 30 seconds
    • You need to hold the phone within 2cm of a contactless terminal for a transaction to occur

» Is the transaction secure?

  • Yes, MobilePay uses the latest encryption and cryptography technology to keep your transaction safe and secure as possible
  • MobilePay does store your card number and expiry date on your phone, however it is masked - i.e. the full number is not stored, and both card number and expiry date are encrypted
  • You are covered by Visa's Zero liability*
  • No CVV2 numbers are issued with Virtual cards, which stops anyone using the card for transactions over the phone or internet
  • You can easily disable mobile payments in your phone NFC settings at any time

» Why has my transaction not gone through?

  • There may be a variety of reasons, please contact us on 13 14 22

» Do I need internet data on my mobile to make payments?

  • No, you don't need an internet connection to use MobilePay for purchases

» Can I make a contactless transactions if I am on a call or browsing the internet?

  • Yes, depending on your selected phone settings

» Will Heritage MobilePay work if I have a case on my mobile?

  • Some mobile cases with metal parts may interfere with the mobile's ability to make a payment. If you are unable to make a payment, we suggest you remove the mobile case and attempt the transaction again

» Can I split payments?

  • Yes, you can use the card on your mobile just like your physical visa debit or credit card

» Can I use Heritage MobilePay to process a refund?

  • Yes, you can use the device on your mobile just like your physical visa debit or credit card
  • You will need your PIN

» What do I do if I want to dispute a transaction?


» How much data will this Heritage MobilePay use?

  • A minimal amount of data

» Can I turn the Heritage MobilePay on and off?

  • Yes, just access your device's settings to turn off the NFC functionality

» How can I turn off the Heritage MobilePay?

  • Uninstall the Heritage MobilePay app
  • Turning off the NFC functionality on your device will also stop Heritage MobilePay working

» Does my phone need coverage/reception, or does my battery need to be charged?

  • You need an internet connection to register and check your available balance
  • You can do a limited number of Heritage MobilePay transactions without an internet connection before you will get an error message
  • Your battery must be charged to allow the phone to be switched on
  • You need to turn on the NFC functionality on your phone to ensure Heritage MobilePay works correctly

» Can I install the Heritage MobilePay functionality on any mobile phone?

  • You will need to have Android 4.4, Kit Kat® software and NFC functionality to support Heritage MobilePay

» What phone will the Heritage MobilePay work on?

  • Any NFC enabled Android 4.4, Kit Kat phone+

» Will Heritage MobilePay be made available to other Android operating systems?

  • We will update Heritage MobilePay whenever new versions of the Android operating systems are released. However, Heritage MobilePay will not work on any operating systems earlier than Android 4.4, Kit Kat software

» Will Heritage MobilePay be made available on Apple iOS devices?

  • This version of Heritage MobilePay is not supported on Apple devices.


» How secure is Heritage MobilePay transactions?

  • Similar to any other transaction you make using your Visa card through Visa payWave.
  • The Heritage MobilePay app will time out and close after 30 seconds

» If I lose my phone do I need to cancel my cards?

  • No, your physical card and virtual card will have different numbers and work independently
  • If your phone is lost or stolen, contact us on 13 14 22 and we can deregister your phone for you


» Why can I not enable my Heritage MobilePay or make a payment?

  • You can only make a limited number of transactions (currently set at 10) in areas of poor internet connection before you will be prompted to reconnect to the internet

» Why is registration not working?

  • You need to have a functional internet connection
  • If you are using Wi-Fi and you are having trouble registering, try disconnecting from the Wi-Fi network and use your mobile data network instead

» What happens to my virtual card if I delete Heritage MobilePay?

  • If you delete Heritage MobilePay, your card details will be deleted also. You will need to reinstall Heritage MobilePay and set up a new virtual card

» Will I be able to make purchases if Heritage's MobilePay has an outage?

  • The server that communicates to the app may have an outage in which case, you will still be able to make a certain amount of transactions

» I'm trying to activate MobilePay but I keep getting an error message that says "Error during activation 2003: SEITC server unreachable." What do I do?

  • A newer version of MobilePay has become available. Please go to Google PlayTM Store on your device, update the Heritage Bank Mobile banking app to the latest version and try again.

For further terms and conditions that may apply to your account a please refer to our Guide to Heritage Deposit Products or Guide to Credit Card Products at

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* Visa's Zero Liability policy covers Australian and New Zealand-issued cards and does not apply to ATM transactions, transactions not processed by Visa or certain commercial card transactions. Cardholders should notify their issuer promptly of any unauthorised Visa use. Please consult your issuer for additional details.