Pay Anyone FAQs

What is Pay Anyone?

Pay Anyone is a password feature that allows you to add new internal or external payees. It is an alternative to SMS Security, and allows you to authorise new payees in Heritage Online by entering a set password (rather than a one time password sent to your device).

How do I add a new payee using a Pay Anyone Password?

Heritage Online

In Heritage Online, the Pay Anyone process is streamlined. To perform a transfer to a new destination, simply enter the details of the new destination into the fields provided.

The system will automatically detect that it's a new payee and ask for the appropriate authentication. This will be either a Pay Anyone Password or a One Time Password depending on your settings.

Once the payee is added you can complete the transfer as normal. To learn more about transferring money in Heritage Online you can also watch this helpful how-to video.

Mobile Banking App

Adding a new Heritage or inter-bank payee in our Mobile Banking App is easy. Make sure your device is authenticated before getting started.

  1. Go to Move Money on the home screen or in the ☰ menu.
  2. Select your from account.
  3. Click on the Someone New button and select the type of payee you wish to add.
  4. Input your payee's account details and check they are correct. Press continue. 
  5. Complete the transfer as normal.

How do I delete a payee?

Heritage Online

  • Login to Heritage Online.
  • Select Transfers from the main menu.
  • Select either Manage Heritage Payees or Manage Inter-bank Payees
  • Go to the payee you wish to delete and click More Options in the last column.
  • Select Delete. A confirmation screen will appear for you to check you've selected the right payee.
  • Confirm Yes or No.

Mobile Banking App

When making a payment, select My Payees.

If using an Apple device, swipe from right to left to delete your selected payee.

If using an Android device, hold your finger on the payee to delete your selected payee.

How can I stop automatic payments from my account?

Stop a scheduled transfer

If the automatic payment is a scheduled transfer that you set up in Heritage Online, follow these steps to stop the payment. 

Stop a direct debit

A direct debit is an automatic payment set up using your BSB and Account Number with an external merchant such as your gym or utility company.

To stop a direct debit, you may contact us and give us recognised instructions to place a stop on the payment. We will place a stop on all future direct debits from that merchant to ensure no further payments are debited to your account. If there are multiple payments associated with the direct debit and you want some of those payments to continue, you will need to establish a new arrangement for those payments.

Alternatively, you can contact the merchant your direct debit was established with. This will ensure your payment is cancelled within the conditions of your agreement with them.

Dispute a direct debit

If you believe a direct debit to your account was not authorised, you can either:

  • contact us and give us recognised instructions to dispute the transaction. We will investigate the transaction and tell you about our findings; or
  • contact the direct debit user and dispute the transaction with them.

Stop a recurring card payment

Recurring payments you have authorised by providing your debit or credit card number are different to a direct debit as explained above. To stop a recurring card payment you can contact the merchant who is receiving the payment. This will ensure your payment is cancelled within the conditions of your agreement with them.

Alternatively, Heritage can cancel your card and issue you a card with a different card number. This option would require you to update any other payments you may have set up using your card details.


How do I reset my Pay Anyone password?

Heritage Online will give you three attempts at entering your Pay Anyone or Authorisation password before temporarily locking this password. If you've unsuccessfully entered your password three times, it will need to be reset by calling Heritage on 13 14 22. Visit our Internet Banking Help centre for more information. 

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