SMS & Email Alerts

Manage your money better with notifications sent via email or SMS for key events on your accounts.

Getting Started
Heritage Bank SMS and Email Alerts

Getting started

We want to make it easier for you to keep up to date with your finances. SMS and Email Alerts makes it even easier to keep track of significant actions on your accounts. When one of your chosen Alerts is triggered, you'll receive real-time notification, to your mobile phone or inbox.

If you're registered for internet banking, you're ready to go.  You can configure Alerts in Heritage Online on your desktop or mobile browser.  Log in and go to the Settings > Notification Settings menu to get started.


Along with setting up the type of Alerts you'd like, you can also specify a range for when you're happy to receive Alerts. For example, you can set up an alert to let you know whenever a Visa Authorisation for more than $500 is processed, or when the balance of your transaction account falls below $10.

Alert Options Available

  • An Internet Banking Inter-bank Transfer is performed on this member number
  • An Internet Banking BPAY® payment is performed on this member number
  • A credit/deposit is made into any of my accounts on this member number
  • A Visa Authorisation is pledged on any Visa Credit/Debit card on this member number
  • A NPP Payment is performed on this member number
  • A Term Deposit on this member number is nearing maturity

  • A Visa Card that I have ordered for this member number is activated
  • A Periodic/Scheduled Transfer or BPAY is rejected on any account on this member number due to insufficient funds
  • A new statement has arrived for me to view online
  • A NPP Payment is made into any of my accounts on this member number
  • The Available Balance on an account on this member number drops below $XX


Email alerts   Free
SMS alerts  $0.25 per SMS message sent
Automatic Alerts

Automatic Security Notifications 

To help keep your banking secure, you'll receive free security notifications via email or SMS if changes are made to your residential or mailing address, mobile number, phone number, email address, statement frequency, Pay Anyone Password, periodic payments or Heritage Online transfer limits. 

You will also receive notifications if:

  • SMS notifications have been disabled or SMS alert options have been switched off
  • A card has been ordered
  • A card has been activated in-branch or with phone banking
  • A new internet banking payee has been added
  • A new periodic payment has been set up to an external Financial Institution
  • A One Time Password has been retrieved
  • A term deposit has matured early

You can opt out of the service by request. However, it is recommended to leave these notifications turned on to help keep your accounts and personal details as safe as possible. You can also set up customised alerts, such as if your account drops below a certain balance, with our SMS & Email Alerts service.

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A complete range of how to's and step-by-step guides to help you with your internet banking at Heritage.

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Other ways to bank

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