Fingerprint & Face Identification FAQs

Frequently asked questions about using biometrics such as your fingerprint or face identification to login to the Heritage Mobile Banking App.

What are biometrics?

Biometrics are a secure authorisation process that users your unique biological traits to verify your identity. This could be traits such as retinas, irises, voices, facial characteristics, and fingerprints.

With the Heritage Mobile Banking App, you can register biometrics as an alternative and convenient form of authentication. This means you only have to use a finger or face identification to login to your Mobile Banking App. This also avoids the need to enter your standard member number and password or even a 4-Digit PIN.

On your compatible Apple device with iOS10 or above, you can use fingerprint or face identification to login. 

On your compatible Android device with Android 6 or above, you can use fingerprint to login.

Learn more about our system requirements for the Mobile Banking App.

Is biometric login secure?

Biometrics offer the same high level security as all authentication methods for Heritage Online and the Mobile Banking App.  Fingerprints and face identification are virtually unique and very difficult to guess or replicate. Your fingerprint or face identification is encrypted and safely stored in the secure storage of your device. 

If you notice and unusual or fraudulent activity on your account please contact Heritage on 13 14 22 as soon as possible. 

How do I set up biometric login?

You will need to ensure that you have already registered biometrics on your device in order to use them to login on your Mobile Banking App. You can usually do so in the security settings on your device. 

Once your biometrics are set up on your device you can register to use either your face or fingerprint to login to your Mobile Banking App.

  1. Login into the Mobile Banking App
  2. Go to Settings and select the option for Fingerprint/Face Login
  3. Scan your fingerprint to register for Fingerprint/Face Login

You’ll then be able to login using your biometrics, once the scan successfully matches what is already registered on your device.

To protect your security we recommend that you only load your own fingerprint or face onto your device so that you are the only person who can access your Mobile Banking App. 

Can I register other people's biometrics on my smart device?

This depends on your device settings. You should not register for biometric login in your Mobile Banking App if you have other people's biometrics set up on your device. This is because you'll be giving them access to your bank accounts and may be liable for any unauthorised transactions.  

My Mobile Banking App isn't recognising my biometrics to login.

If you run into trouble registering or recognising your biometrics in the Mobile Banking App follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you're holding your fingerprint or phone in the same way you initially registered your biometrics.
  2. Make sure that at least one of the fingerprints you have enrolled or your FaceID on your device is still valid.
  3. Confirm that your device hardware is not malfunctioned by testing the authentication in other Apps. 
  4. Check that you are running the latest version of your device operating system.

Will I be locked out of the Mobile Banking App if I can’t scan my biometrics?

No. You won’t be locked out if you can’t provide your fingerprint or face identification to login. If you’re having trouble using biometric login you can also choose to enter your Mobile Banking App PIN or Heritage Online password to gain access.  If you are unsure of your Heritage Online password please contact us for assistance. 

Why can't I set up biometrics to login to my Mobile Banking App?

Make sure you have a compatible device with fingerprint or face identification set up in your device settings. Learn more about our system requirements.

If you have a compatible device with biometrics set up, and are still having issues registering for biometric login, please contact us.

How do I turn off biometric login?

There are two options to disable fingerprint or Face ID login:

Heritage Mobile Banking App only:  You can turn off biometric login in the Settings section in your Mobile Banking App.  This options means you can still use biometric authentication on your device, just not with the App.

Entire Device:  Go to the Settings section on your device and turn off biometric authentication.  This disables the option for your device and means you will not be able to access fingerprint or face identification for your device or any apps, including your Mobile Banking App.

If you turn this feature on again for your device, you will have to re-register or update your biometrics in the Settings section of the Mobile Banking App if you'd like to use it for your banking.

Will I keep my 4-digit PIN when I register for biometric login?

Yes, the Mobile Banking App will always first display the fingerprint or face identification login screen, but you can choose to cancel the operation and continue to login with 4-digit PIN (if set up) or your Heritage Online password. That's why it's important never to tell anyone your PIN or password for your Mobile Banking App or Internet Banking. Learn more about keeping your passwords secure here.

Can I remove biometrics enrolled on my device?

Yes, you can remove biometrics as you like. If you'd like to continue to use your fingerprint or face identification to login to your Mobile Banking App, you'll need to leave at least one fingerprint or face identification enrolled on your device.

If you choose to add new fingerprints or face to your device, you'll need to re-register your chosen login method in the Mobile Banking App Setting section. 

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