Fingerprint Security FAQs

Is Fingerprint Login secure?

Fingerprints are virtually unique and very difficult to guess or replicate. They offer the same high level security as all authentication methods for Heritage Online and the Mobile Banking App. Your fingerprint is encrypted and safely stored in the secure storage of your device.

What is Fingerprint Login?

Fingerprint Login is an alternative and convenient form of authentication, which means you only have to use a finger to login to your Mobile Banking App.

Fingerprint Login avoids the need to enter your standard member number and password or even a 4-Digit PIN.

With a touch of your finger you can easily access Heritage mobile banking, check your balance and transfer funds.

What kind of devices does Fingerprint Login work on?

To use Fingerprint Login, you will need to have a device that has iOS 9 and Android 6 onwards and supports fingerprint identification.

How do I setup Fingerprint Login?

You will need to ensure that you have already registered one or more fingerprints on your device in order to use Fingerprint Login on your Mobile Banking App.

To register a fingerprint on your device, please go to the security settings on your device and follow the prompts to add a fingerprint.

To turn-on Fingerprint Login:

  • Login into the Mobile Banking App
  • Go to Settings and select the option for Fingerprint Login
  • Scan your fingerprint to register for Fingerprint Login

You’ll then be able to login using your fingerprint, once the scan successfully matches one of the fingerprints already registered on your device.

How do I login with my fingerprint?

When Fingerprint Login is turned on, you will be prompted to scan your fingerprint every time you login. If the scan is successful, you will gain access to the Mobile Banking App. Even if this feature is turned on, the option to login with a PIN or password instead is always available. 

Can more than one person’s fingerprint be registered to the device?

Yes, if you have multiple fingerprints enrolled on your device, these will all be granted access when registering for Fingerprint Login.  You should not use fingerprint logon if you wish to retain other people’s fingerprints on your device

Is the same fingerprint that unlocks the device able to access the Mobile Banking App?

Yes, any enrolled fingerprints at the time of registering for Fingerprint Login will have access to the nominated membership on your Mobile Banking App. For this reason, please do not use this feature if you wish to retain other people’s fingerprints on your device; they will have access to your accounts and you will be responsible for any transactions. 

Where is my fingerprint stored?

Your fingerprint is encrypted and stored on your device as part of the user settings and also kept securely on Heritage servers for authentication purposes. Heritage does not store customers’ actual biometric fingerprint data. When you use your fingerprint to logon to the Mobile Banking App we rely on your device to authenticate your fingerprint.

How does Heritage Bank know that it’s my fingerprint?

Heritage Bank does not collect your fingerprint details, and cannot link it to the personal information we hold about you. Heritage relies on the device to authenticate the fingerprint and confirm or reject verification.

My fingerprint is registered on my device but the App doesn’t recognise it.

If you run into trouble registering your fingerprint in the Mobile Banking App, please make sure that at least one of the fingerprints you have enrolled on your device is still valid. Please also confirm that your device hardware is not malfunctioned, and that you are running the latest version of your device operating system.

Will I be locked out of the Heritage Mobile Banking App if I can’t scan my fingerprint?

No. You won’t be locked out if you can’t scan your fingerprint to login. If you’re having trouble using Fingerprint Login you can also choose to enter your Mobile Banking App PIN or password to gain access.  This option is always available when Fingerprint Login is enabled.

How do I know if my device is a compatible?

Please check with your device manufacturer to see if your phone or tablet supports fingerprint authentication. Also make sure that your device is running at least iOS 9 or Android 6. 

I have a compatible device, but Fingerprint Login is not showing in my App settings?

If you have a compatible device but are having issues registering for Fingerprint Login, please contact Heritage for assistance by calling 13 14 22 or emailing 

What happens if my phone is lost or stolen?

If you think someone has unauthorised access to your device, please contact Heritage and we will remotely disable Fingerprint and 4-digit PIN Login for your Mobile Banking App, as well as change your Internet Banking password if necessary.

What if I have an unauthorised transaction when Fingerprint Login is active?

Please contact Heritage on 13 14 22 as soon as possible if you notice any suspicious transactions or unusual account activity.

I don’t want Fingerprint Login, how do I turn it off?

There are two options to disable fingerprint login:

Mobile Banking App only:  You can turn off Fingerprint Login by going to the Settings section in your Mobile Banking App.  This options means you can still use fingerprint authentication on your device, just not with the App.

Entire Device:  Go to the Settings section on your device and turn off fingerprint authentication.  This disables the option for your device and means you will not be able to access fingerprint authentication for your device or any apps including your Mobile Banking App. If you turn this feature on again, you will have to re-register or update your Fingerprint Login in the Settings section of the Mobile Banking App.

Will I lose my 4-digit PIN when I register for Fingerprint Login?

No, the Mobile Banking App will always first display the Fingerprint Login screen, but you can choose to cancel the operation and continue to login with 4-digit PIN (if set up) or your Internet Banking password.

Can I remove fingerprints already enrolled on my device without affecting Fingerprint Login?

Yes, after you have set up Fingerprint Login, you can remove as many fingerprints as you like but you will need to have a minimum of one fingerprint registered on your device.

If you choose to add new fingerprints to your device, you will have to re-register or update your Fingerprint Login in the Mobile Banking App Settings section.

What happens when I get a new phone?

You will need to register your fingerprint on your device and then follow the same process of registering for Fingerprint Login in your Mobile Banking App.

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