Internet Banking FAQs

How can I view and print more transactions?

In order to print transactions for an account you need to view transactions for one of your accounts and then select 'Print' from the bottom of the transaction listing. This will print what is currently shown on your screen.

If you would like to view and print more transactions at a time, then please adjust the number of 'Items Per Page' in the 'Maintain Personal Settings' options found in the menu under the 'Settings' menu.

I’ve forgotten my Heritage Online password! Help!

Heritage Online will give you three attempts at entering your password before locking your account. If you forget your password, or enter an incorrect password more than three times, you will be temporarily locked out.

If you still cannot remember you password, talk to one of our friendly staff by calling 13 14 22. Although they cannot tell you your original password, they can give you a temporary password so that you can access your account. You will then need to login to Heritage Online within 7 Days and enter a new password for your account.

I’ve forgotten my Pay Anyone password! Help!

Heritage Online will give you three attempts at entering your Pay Anyone or Authorisation password before temporarily locking this password. If you've unsuccessfully entered your password three times, it will need to be reset. Visit our Internet Banking Help centre for more information. 

How do I register for Heritage Online?

Simply download the application form to register for Heritage Online. Return this form to any Heritage branch or mini branch, fax it to (07) 4694 9599 or mail to us at:
Heritage Contact Centre
P.O. Box 190

You must read and understand the terms and conditions applicable to Heritage Online and BPAY in our Guide to Deposit Products, Fees and Limits Guide and the Financial Services Guide before registering for any Heritage Online services.

My Heritage Online session logs me out after 10 minutes. Why does it do this and can I change it?

This is a security feature used to reduce the chance of an unauthorised party gaining access to your personal information. If you leave your Heritage Online session idle for too long, your session will be terminated and you will be required to login again. This security feature cannot be changed on an individual basis and is applicable to all members.

How much can I transfer using online banking?

For security purposes, your account has daily limits on Heritage Online and Mobile App transfers and BPAY® payments. For the default limits that apply, please refer to the Fees and Limit Guide.

If you'd like to increase or decrease your transfer limits please refer to our Heritage Online Help Centre. 

Can I view my BSB online?

Yes, you can.  Login to Heritage online and the BSB for each account is presented on the 'Balances' page, accessible through 'View All Accounts' from the 'Accounts' menu. The BSB is displayed on the Transactions page as well. There is also a listing of all possible BSB numbers for Heritage accounts accessible from here.

Can I transfer money to an overseas bank account using Heritage Online or the Mobile Banking App?

Internet Banking and our Mobile Banking App will only allow you to transfer funds to accounts held in Australia.  For ways to transfer money overseas, see our International Banking section.

Why can't I view or download my eStatements?

Members using Internet Explorer 9 may experience problems when attempting to view and download eStatements. This issue is specific to version 9 and is due to an option in the browser’s advanced settings that prevents encrypted pages from saving to disk. When this option is selected, any secure downloads will fail.

You can address this issue by making the following temporary change to your browser settings:

Click on “Tools” and select “Internet Options”. In the Internet Options window, select the “Advanced” tab and scroll down to the section on Security. Under this heading you will find the checkbox ‘Do not save encrypted pages to disk’. Ensure that this checkbox is not ticked when attempting to download your eStatement and click on the “OK” button.

uncheck "Do not save encrypted pages to disk"

Am I able to download transactions to an external financial software package using Heritage Online?

Yes, you can. You can download your transactions for Quicken, MYOB, MS Money, Excel and Open Financial Exchange (OFX) format. You are also able to filter your transactions before performing the download.

Are there any fees charged for using Heritage online?

There are no fees charged for using Heritage Online for personal banking.

Fees may apply for Business Banking customers processing batch payments.

Refer to our Fees and Limits Guide for more information. 

Can I access 24-hour banking overseas?

Yes, you can. Both Internet banking and phone banking are accessible whilst overseas. Remember, if you have SMS Security set up, you won't be able receive texts from us overseas if your phone is in flight mode. Consider switching to a Pay Anyone password while you travel if your phone is going to be in flight mode. 

Which accounts can I access using Heritage online?

You can access all of your Heritage accounts through Heritage online, be they savings accounts, transaction accounts or loans.

When can I use Heritage online?

You can use Heritage online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

If I use Heritage online for my business banking, what benefits are there?

In addition to having all the features of personal banking and being able to access your funds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Heritage Business Internet Banking allows you to securely submit and authorise payroll, creditor and debit batches over the internet. Heritage Business Internet Banking uses AES encryption as well as Vasco security token devices for the secure upload, authorisation and deletion of batches over the internet. The security tokens also allow a business to create authorisation rules to match their business needs. One or more of multiple identities may be required to authorise a batch of transactions from different physical locations and this is easily achieved with these tokens and provides greater flexibility for your business. You are also notified automatically via email when a batch is nearing the requested processing date, if you have not yet authorised it. Register today. 

What measures can I put in place to keep my internet banking secure?

  • Keep your anti-virus software up to date.
  • Check for spyware on your system by using anti-spyware software.
  • Choose a password that cannot be easily guessed and never write your password down. Read our security and password guidelines here.
  • Never respond to an email that asks for your personal banking information.
  • Never leave the computer unattended while performing transactions online.
  • If possible, use a firewall.
  • Keep your Operating System updated with patches.

What is the virtual keyboard option on the login page?

The virtual keyboard is an option for you to use when logging into Heritage Online on your desktop computer. The virtual keyboard moves to a different section of the screen after each character is entered. 

The online security environment has changed a lot over the years since we first introduced the floating keyboard. We've continued to add other layers of security and now have an online banking system that protects customers without needing the floating keyboard.

We do know some customers appreciate having the option to keep using the floating keyboard, so it's still available in the desktop version when using Heritage Online.

Why can't I find the floating keyboard option on the login page of Heritage Online when I'm using my mobile device or tablet?

The floating keyboard isn't optimised for use on mobile devices or tablets, and is difficult for some people to navigate on a touch screen. To make it easier for our customers, we have removed the floating keyboard option from the mobile version of Heritage Online.

However the mobile version is just as safe without the floating keyboard! The online security environment has changed a lot over the years since we first introduced the floating keyboard. We've continued to add other layers of security and now have an online banking system that protects customers without needing the floating keyboard.

 We do know some customers appreciate having the option to keep using the floating keyboard, so it's still available in the desktop version when using Heritage Online.

What are the system requirements for internet banking?

To find out the system requirements and browser settings required for Heritage Online, visit this page. 

What is the Pay Anyone feature?

The Pay Anyone feature allows you to register any account at any financial institution in Australia as a destination to which you can transfer funds. The Pay Anyone feature is an "optional extra" which means you must register separately for it. Upon registration, you can opt for Pay Anyone with a password or Pay Anyone with SMS which requires a mobile phone number registered with Heritage.

To register for the Pay Anyone feature, download the application form and return it to any Heritage branch or mini branch, fax to (07) 4694  9599 or mail to us at:
Heritage Contact Centre
P.O. Box 190

I can't find the information I need...

Visit our Heritage Online Internet Banking Help Centre to find more information on getting started with internet banking, managing your details, transactions and statements, transferring money and password help. Alternatively call us 24/7 on 13 14 22.
Heritage Online Help Centre

Information on internet banking services, regular transfers, password maintenance and managing your details.

More FAQs

What is the Pay Anyone feature for?

The Pay Anyone feature allows you to add new internal or external payees.

How do I add a new payee?

Heritage Online

In Heritage Online, the Pay Anyone process is streamlined. To perform a transfer to a new destination, simply enter the details of the new destination into the fields provided.

The system will automatically detect that it's a new payee and ask for the appropriate authentication. This will be either a Pay Anyone Password or a One Time Password depending on your settings.

Once the payee is added you can complete the transfer as normal. To learn more about transferring money in Heritage Online you can also watch this helpful how-to video.

Mobile Banking App

Adding a new Heritage or inter-bank payee in our Mobile Banking App is easy. Make sure your device is authenticated before getting started.

  1. Go to Move Money on the home screen or in the ☰ menu.
  2. Select your from account.
  3. Click on the Someone New button and select the type of payee you wish to add.
  4. Input your payee's account details and check they are correct. Press continue. 
  5. Complete the transfer as normal.

How do I delete a payee?

Heritage Online

  • Login to Heritage Online.
  • Select Transfers from the main menu.
  • Select either Manage Heritage Payees or Manage Inter-bank Payees
  • Go to the payee you wish to delete and click More Options in the last column.
  • Select Delete. A confirmation screen will appear for you to check you've selected the right payee.
  • Confirm Yes or No.

Mobile Banking App

When making a payment, select My Payees.

If using an Apple device, swipe from right to left to delete your selected payee.

If using an Android device, hold your finger on the payee to delete your selected payee.

How to stop automatic payments

If the payment is a periodical payment that you set up in Heritage Online, you can login to Heritage Online and follow these steps to stop the payment. 

If the automatic payment is a direct debit coming from an external merchant or biller, you may contact us and give us recognised instructions to place a stop payment on the Direct Debit. Alternatively, Direct Debits may be cancelled directly with the merchant/company they were established with. This will ensure your payment is cancelled within the conditions of your agreement with them.

Please note: In order to ensure that no further payments are debited to your account, when processing your recognised instruction to place a stop payment on the direct debit, all future direct debits from that particular debit user will be stopped.

If you believe a direct debit to your account was not authorised, you can either:

  • contact us and give us recognised instructions to dispute the transaction (in which case we will investigate the transaction and tell you about our findings); or
  • contact the direct debit user and dispute the transaction with them.