Forgotten Password

I’ve forgotten my Heritage online password! Help!

Heritage online will give you three attempts at entering your login password before locking your account.

If you forget your password, or enter an incorrect password more than three times, you will be temporarily locked out.

If you still cannot remember you password, talk to one of our friendly staff by calling 13 14 22. Although they cannot tell you your original password, they can give you a temporary password so that you can access your account. You will then need to login to Heritage online and enter a new password for your account.

I’ve forgotten my Pay Anyone password! Help!

Heritage Online will give you three attempts at entering your Pay Anyone password before temporarily locking this password. If after a number of attempts you are unable to successfully use your password, the password will need to be reset. In order to reset your Pay Anyone password we require a signed request.

This signed request will need to contain your account name, account number, what you are requesting, a contact phone number and your signature. This signed request can be either faxed to (07) 4694 9782, scanned and emailed to posted to PO Box 190, Toowoomba QLD 4350. Once we have received and verified your request we will endeavour to contact you as early as possible prior to close of business the following day. Please note that we are only able to verify your fax or email request Monday to Friday.

Alternately, if you attend your local branch they will be able to issue with a new password. Please don't forget to reset your new password within 7 days of it being issued so that it does not expire. SMS Security is an alternate solution where you no longer need to remember you Pay Anyone password, and can simply receive a One Time Password (OTP) via SMS to you mobile device.