Close an account

If you’d like to close an account, credit card, personal loan or home loan with Heritage, we’re here to help.

Close an account
Close a transaction or savings account
To close a transaction or savings account with Heritage simply head into your local branch with identification, or complete the Account Closure Form and return it to us using the details on the form.


  • If you close an account with regular debits you’ll need to make sure you cancel or change these payments. You may also need to let your service providers know that your details have changed. 
  • If you close your last active account with Heritage and you’d like to open an account with us again, we’ll need to re-identify you. 
For a complimentary financial health check or to discuss your options before you close your account, get in touch with us today.
Close a credit card
Close a credit card
If you'd like to close your credit card account, you can do so in a few easy steps.
Step 1: Change or cancel any automatic payments you've set up to come from your credit card account. These will be rejected once your account is closed.

Step 2: Pay off any remaining balance plus any pending interest charges and fees. Call us on 13 14 22 for an accurate payout figure.

Step 3: Complete the Visa Credit Card Closure Form and return it to Heritage. All account holders must sign this form. 

Step 4: When we receive your signed form, we'll process your closure request and your physical card/s will be cancelled. Once your credit facility is closed it cannot be reopened and must be reapplied for.

Did you know you can switch your Heritage credit card to a different type, reduce your limit or apply to increase your limit? Compare our credit cards and get in touch with us to discuss your options. 
Close a personal loan
Close a personal loan
If you'd like to close your personal loan account, you’ll need to pay off any remaining balance, plus any pending interest charges and fees. To obtain an accurate payout figure call us on 13 14 22. Once your account is fully paid, your loan account will be closed and we'll send you a letter to confirm the closure. Once your loan facility is closed it cannot be reopened and must be reapplied for. 
Close a home loan
Close a home loan

Whether you’ve put your house on the market or you’ve achieved the dream of owning your own home, we’re here to help. When closing your home loan or line of credit it’s important to ensure your mortgage is paid out correctly. 

Get in touch with our Specialised Home Loans team on 13 14 22 between 7:30am to 9pm Monday to Friday, or 8am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday. We’ll talk you through the mortgage discharge process and the form/s that are required.

We can also help you understand your final payout amount, which will include a loan finalisation fee and may include break fees for fixed rate home loans. 

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