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How do I send money overseas through Heritage Online?

Steps to send money overseas from Heritage Online

ⓘ Stay scam aware!

Scammers are clever at convincing you to give them money. You must only send money to people you have met. If you can’t meet, always independently confirm they’re the person you want to send money to. If unsure, check.

  1. Login to Heritage Online on your desktop or mobile browser
  2. Go to the Transfers menu then select Transfer Money Internationally
  3. Request a quote to transfer money internationally.
    • You can select a saved payee here.
    • If you're adding a new payee, you'll need to provide detailed payment information including reference, the details of your payee and their bank details. You'll also be asked to provide a One Time Password (OTP) when setting up a new payee for security.
  4. Review and confirm the payment details are correct.

  5. ⓘ If all required information is not provided the Telegraphic Transfer may be delayed, incur additional fees or be rejected. By processing a Telegraphic Transfer you accept the terms displayed during the transaction process.

  6. Review the verification information. 
  7. Click Confirm Transfer. You'll be shown a successful transfer message once the transfer is complete. 
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