Frequently Asked Questions

What details do I need to provide to send money overseas?

To send money overseas using a Telegraphic Transfer, you will need to provide your residential address and the residential address for the receiver, as well as details of the account that the funds will be transferred to.

The details must be clearly communicated and 100% accurate. Any errors may increase the time taken for your payee to receive funds. In some situations Heritage or Convera may require additional information to complete your transfer.

Please provide:

  • Beneficiary Bank Full Name
  • Beneficiary Bank Full Address
  • Account Number
  • Beneficiary's Full Name
  • Beneficiary's Residential Address
  • Purpose (Reference)

You will also need to provide some additional information when sending a Telegraphic Transfer to the following countries:

 Europe International Bank Account number (IBAN) – the IBAN incorporates the bank, sort code and account number
 United Kingdom IBAN
 New Zealand Bank code
 Malaysia National ID number or Company number
 USA ABA or routing code
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