Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stop automatic payments from my account?

If the payment is a periodical payment that you set up in Heritage Online, you can login to Heritage Online and follow these steps to stop the payment. 

If the automatic payment is a direct debit coming from an external merchant or biller, you may contact us and give us recognised instructions to place a stop payment on the Direct Debit. Alternatively, Direct Debits may be cancelled directly with the merchant/company they were established with. This will ensure your payment is cancelled within the conditions of your agreement with them.

Please note: In order to ensure that no further payments are debited to your account, when processing your recognised instruction to place a stop payment on the direct debit, all future direct debits from that particular debit user will be stopped.

If you believe a direct debit to your account was not authorised, you can either:

  • contact us and give us recognised instructions to dispute the transaction (in which case we will investigate the transaction and tell you about our findings); or
  • contact the direct debit user and dispute the transaction with them.
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