NPP Security FAQ's

New Payments Platform Security Frequently Asked Questions 

How safe is NPP and my PayID information?

NPP faster payments via the New Payments Platform (NPP) are subject to Heritage’s real-time-fraud monitoring and other security measures designed to keep your accounts safe. 

To learn more about NPP and how to set up your PayID, visit our New Payments Platform faster payments page. 

Can someone else create my PayID?

For security and privacy purposes, you must create your own PayID and not provide your details to another person/s to set it up for you. Heritage cannot create PayIDs for customers, however we can provide you with verbal assistance if needed. 

Someone has closed my PayID and linked it to their account without my permission. What do I do?

Contact Heritage on 13 14 22 or visit your nearest branch as soon as possible.

What do I have to do with my PayID if I get a new phone?

If you've connected your mobile number to your PayID, you're able to maintain your details in the Heritage Mobile Banking App.

If you get a new phone but keep the same mobile number:

  1. Download the Heritage Mobile Banking App from the app store. You should then again complete the start-up and sign-in processes for the Mobile Banking App.

If you get a new phone and a new mobile number:

You will need to close the PayID for your old mobile number and create a PayID for your new mobile number. 

  1. Download the Heritage Mobile Banking App from the App store. 
  2. Log into the Heritage Mobile Banking App and go the PayID menu. 
  3. Select the PayID and then select Close PayID.
  4. Create a new PayID for your new details.

Can I temporarily lock my PayID to stop receiving NPP Payments? How do I unlock it when I want to use it again?

Yes, you can lock your PayID if you wish to temporarily stop it receiving payments. Your PayID must be active to enable locking/ unlocking.  You can use the PayID menu in the Mobile Banking App to lock /unlock your pay ID.  There are no restrictions on locking and unlocking PayID. 

If you are having difficulties, please contact Heritage for assistance. 

Can my PayID be locked without my permission?

Yes, your PayID can be locked if Heritage detects suspicious activity on your PayID. This is for your security to prevent misuse of your PayID. 
PayID & NPP Faster Payment FAQ's
Frequently asked questions about PayID, how to get paid to your mobile number or email address and the New Payments Platform (NPP).
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