Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PayTo agreement?

A PayTo agreement is the record of authorisation between you and the business you are paying. It uses specific terms which we've explained more below. 

  • Payee - The business initiating and receiving your payment.
  • Payment amount -  The amount(s) authorised or to be authorised by you
  • Frequency - How often payments may be debited from your bank account.
  • Agreement type - Type of agreement, for example, whether it's fixed or variable.
  • First and last payment due date - Date on which your first and last payment may be debited.
  • Description - Description of your agreement.


  • Start date and end date - First and last date that the agreement may be used for initiating payments from your bank account.
  • Action By Date -  When the agreement needs to be approved/actioned by you, before it expires.
  • Payer - Identifies you. This will show the name/s on your account.
  • Linked Account -  Your account which will be debited. This will show your BSB and account number or a PayID, depending on what you've selected.
  • Automatic Renewal - If the Payee has requested automatic renewal of your payment at the end date
  • Payment Reference - A key reference identifiable to you, which may help you identify transactions more clearly in your transaction history. 
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