Frequently Asked Questions

How do I authorise or decline a PayTo agreement?

If you'd like to authorise or decline a PayTo Agreement, it's easy in your Mobile Banking App. 

How to

  • Login to your Mobile Banking App to get started. 
  • Go to the  menu and select PayTo agreements.
  • Select the PayTo agreement you'd like to action.

PayTo Payment Agreements List

  • Review the details. Select your choice of Authorise or Decline then follow the prompts.

Review your PayTo Payment Agreement

Other ways to authorise or decline a PayTo agreement

  • Call us 24/7 on 13 14 22 or visit your local branch.
  • If you do not authorise or decline the PayTo agreement by the Action By Date, then the PayTo agreement will expire. The Payee will be made aware and no money will be debited from your account.
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