Open Banking Data Sharing FAQ's

How do I manage my Open Banking data sharing consent?

If you have an individual account, you can opt in to share your data with accredited parties as part of Open Banking and Consumer Data Right. 

You're in control of when and who you share your data with. You can withdraw or change your existing consents at any time in the Consent Dashboard accessible through Heritage Online or the Mobile Banking App. 

Consent for joint accounts is being developed in the next stage of Consumer Data Right and Open Banking.

What data can I share from my Heritage accounts?

From 1 July 2021, you can consent to share specific data for your individual Personal and Credit Card Accounts. You can choose to share all this information, or only certain types of data.

Basic Bank Account Data

  • Personal accounts
  • Credit card accounts

Bank Transaction Data

  • How many transactions you've done in a period of time
  • Any loan repayments
  • Any cheque bounces
  • Minimum balance with account
  • Incoming transactions
  • Outgoing transactions

Bank Customer Data

  • Account name
  • Bank and branch name
  • Account type 

In future releases, you'll be able to share more data such as information on joint accounts, direct debits, scheduled payments, your regular payees, recurring account and payment details and closed accounts.

How do I identify an accredited data recipient?

In this phase of Consumer Data Right, you can only consent to share your data with an accredited data recipient. When you authorise a new sharing consent through a third party, they must be accredited with the ACCC and meet certain rules and safeguards to access your data.

You can check the Register of Accredited Persons at at any time to confirm whether a business or person you are considering sharing your data with is accredited. Plus, all accredited data recipients are authorised to display the Consumer Data Right logo.

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