Frequently Asked Questions

How can I deposit cash or a cheque into my Heritage account?

If you'd like to deposit money into your Heritage account, you can do so at one of our branches or Smart ATM's.

Our branch locator online allows you to filter for ATM's in your area.

If an ATM is a Smart ATM that allows for cash deposits, 'Smart ATM' will be listed on the services of the location listing.

Note: Smart ATM's accept note and cheque deposits only. If you'd like to deposit coin you'll need to do this within branch hours.


If you're unable to find a branch close by, you can also deposit cash using your card at your local Australia Post office using Bank@Post.

Bank@Post is Australia Post’s agency banking service and is a convenient option if you don’t have access to a Heritage branch.
All you need is your Heritage Visa debit, credit or loan deposit card. With facilities at around 3,500 Australia Post outlets around the country displaying the Bank@Post sign, you can:
  • Withdraw money
  • Deposit cheques and/or cash
  • Check your account balance
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