Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view my Visa Authorisations or my Payments in Advance/Loan Details?

Heritage Online has introduced the “I Need To…” and “I’d Like To…” panels. These panels are located on the right hand of the screen and the options available change depending on your membership characteristics, and the page that you are viewing.

Two options that are likely to be useful are “View Visa Authorisations” and “View Loan Details”. These two can be found in the “I’d Like To...” panel and they will only appear if you are viewing transactions for an account for which this option is relevant.

For example, if you view transactions for an account with a credit or debit card attached, the option to “View Visa Authorisations” will be visible. If you view transactions for any loan account, the option to “View loan/Line of Credit Details” will appear. Many other options that used to appear under the “A/C DETAILS” menu are now contained under the “I’d Like To…” panel, including viewing details of a term deposit, or finding the available balance breakdown of an account.

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