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What is a Visa Authorisation?

A Visa Authorisation happens when you approve a purchase at a merchant using your Visa card and a 'hold' is placed onto the amount you spent. This 'hold' is often called a pledge or pre-authorisation. It looks similar to a normal savings or cheque transaction and reduces your available funds so you can’t overspend. 

The difference is the money isn't transferred to the merchant until they request the funds from Heritage Bank. It is common in hotel, rental car services or pay at the pump at filling stations as it allows the merchant to confirm a valid method of payment has been used prior to providing services or goods. It also allows companies to put amounts on hold in your account, such as for a hotel security deposit, and only request the funds from your bank if they become required.

A Visa Authorisation remains on hold in your account for up to 10 days from the Date of Authorisation, or until the merchant requests the funds from Heritage Bank.
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