Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change how Heritage communicates with me?

It’s easy to change your preferences for communication from Heritage. We communicate with you in a number of different ways. 

Marketing & Special Offers 

From time to time, Heritage will send you emails, SMS or letters to keep you updated on your account, our products and any special offers. You can opt out of this communication at any time. Use the unsubscribe function, call us 24/7 on 13 14 22, speak to your local branch or write to us to update your preferences.


You can register for and manage your eStatements preferences at any time.

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Custom SMS & Email Alerts

You can nominate specific SMS or Email Alerts for your accounts, such as when your account balance drops below a certain amount or if you've received a payment. When one of your chosen Alerts is triggered, you'll receive real-time notification, to your mobile phone or inbox.

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Automatic Security Alerts

To help keep your information and finances safe, you'll receive free security notifications from us for certain actions you perform in Heritage Online. You can request to have these turned off, but we recommend to leave these notifications on to help keep your accounts and personal details as safe as possible.

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Social Media Advertising

We use social media to let our customers know about our products and any special offers. You can opt out of this communication at any time within your own social media account. When viewing the advertisement, go to the post menu and update your preferences to hide the ad.

Our Privacy Policy outlines how we deal with your personal information (including credit-related information), as well as our legal obligations and rights as to that information.

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Contact us 24/7
Our local Australian contact centre is waiting for you. Call 13 14 22 or if overseas, call +617 4694 9000.