Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my bank to bank transfer take?

Bank to bank transfer times can vary across financial institutions depending on the type of transfer you make.  

If you’re making a traditional inter-bank transfer it will take 1-3 business days. If you use NPP Faster Payments or a PayID it can be near real-time.

Transfer time into a Heritage Bank account

The fastest way to receive money into a Heritage Bank account from another financial institution is via NPP Faster Payments to a PayID or BSB and Account Number.

The New Payments Platform allows you to receive a faster payment from anyone whose financial institution is a participant and who has an eligible account. If you’re unsure if your sender can use this service, check for participating financial institutions on the NPP Website.  

Alternatively, your sender could use a traditional inter-bank transfer which will take 1-3 business days from any financial institution.

Transfer time from Heritage to another bank

From the Mobile Banking App

The fastest way to transfer money from Heritage Bank to another financial institution is using NPP Faster Payments on our Mobile Banking App.

If the account you’re sending money to is eligible to receive NPP Faster payments, then you will receive an option to make the payment ‘Within 2 hours’. If you can't see this option, then the account you are sending to is not eligible to receive an NPP transfer. The transfer must go as a traditional inter-bank transfer and it could take 1-3 business days.  

From Heritage Online

If you transfer money from Heritage Online on a desktop or mobile browser to another financial institution, it will take 1-3 business days to arrive.


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