Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn off biometric login?

There are two options to disable fingerprint or Face ID login:

In your Mobile Banking App

You can turn off biometric login in the Settings section in your Mobile Banking App.  

  • Go to the  ☰ menu and select Settings.
  • Select the login type you wish to turn off.
  • Toggle the Enable FaceID Login or Enable Fingerprint Login button to the off position.

This options means you can still use biometric authentication on your device, just not with the App.

On your entire device

Go to the Settings section on your device and turn off biometric authentication.  This disables the option for your device and means you will not be able to access fingerprint or face identification for your device or any apps, including your Mobile Banking App.

If you turn this feature on again for your device, you will have to re-register or update your biometrics in the Settings section of the Mobile Banking App if you'd like to use it for your banking.

If you're device becomes inactive, we will also remove your saved PIN and biometric login details. This means that if you don't use your Mobile Banking App for a period of time, then you’ll be prompted to enter your full internet banking password to login again.

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