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When will I receive my $250 Home or Business Loan referral cash reward?

In the month after the referred loan settles (is funded), Heritage will check that both the Referrer and New Member met the promotion terms and conditions.

If eligible, Heritage will process the $250 cash reward for the Referrer and New Member by electronic transfer to a Heritage transaction account held in their name within seven days of the end of the month in which we checked eligibility. 

For example, if you're loan settled in July then we'll check your eligibility for the promotion in August, and the payment will be made to your account by the August 25.

Where a transaction account for the New Member does not exist, the cash payment will be made to the Heritage Bank home loan account. Where a transaction account for the Referrer does not exist, the payment will be made to such Heritage Bank account of the Referrer as is chosen by Heritage Bank in its absolute discretion. Heritage Bank account details will be used to issue the cash payments.

If you're unsure whether you qualify for the promotion, or have any other questions, talk to your local branch or call us on 13 14 22.

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