Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I get the error 'PayID is unavailable' when setting my up PayID?

A PayID is unavailable for use if it is already registered at a financial institution in Australia.

If you receive the message 'PayID is unavailable' when trying to register your PayID in the Mobile Banking App, it may already be in use. You can check whether your PayID is already registered with Heritage Bank in your Mobile Banking App.

  1. Login to the App using your passcode, FaceID or fingerprint.
  2. Go to the  menu and select PayID to view which PayID's are registered on your account.

If the PayID you wish to register is not showing under Manage PayIDs, it may be registered with another financial institution. If you'd like to raise an investigation to find out what bank and bank account your PayID is linked to, we can help you. Contact us on 13 14 22 to raise an investigation.

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