Frequently Asked Questions

What is my account number?

At Heritage, your account number is your Member Number which is provided to you when you join Heritage. 

Your member (account) number is the same for all accounts you hold with Heritage, under one membership.

You can view your account information when logged into the Heritage Mobile Banking App or Heritage Online.

If you're unable to login contact us for help 24/7 on 13 14 22.

What is my BSB?

Your BSB is different for each account type you hold with Heritage.

We assign a different six-digit BSB to each account type you can hold with us. 

For example, our Simply Access Transaction Account has the BSB 638-010 and our Online Saver Savings Account has the BSB 638-260.

When we process payments into or from your Heritage account, we use the BSB you nominated to debit or credit the correct account type under your membership. 

You can look up your BSB online or contact us 24/7 on 13 14 22 for assistance. 


More help

Contact us 24/7

Our local Australian contact centre is waiting for you. Call 13 14 22 or if overseas, call +617 4694 9000.