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I’ve made a mistake with my money transfer. How do I reverse it?

Mistaken Interbank Transfer or BPAY®

If you’ve made a mistake with a money transfer get in touch with us as soon as possible on 13 14 22. Payments leave Heritage at different intervals throughout the day and we may be able to stop/reverse an Interbank or BPAY® transfer if the funds have not left Heritage. 

If we’re unable to reverse the transfer, we’ll request a trace and recall of the payment on your behalf. Timeframes will be in accordance with the ePayments code and may vary in exceptional circumstances. Our Guide to Heritage Deposit Products details this more.

Mistaken Fast Payment using Mobile Banking App (NPP)

If you made a mistake with an NPP Faster Payment in the Mobile Banking App, you may request for the funds to be returned by contacting Heritage, however there is no guarantee for their return.

If you have simply changed your mind about your transfer then the best option is to discuss the issue with the person you paid directly. For more information on the terms on mistaken NPP Faster Payments see the NPP Terms and Conditions. 

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