Frequently Asked Questions

What ATMs can I use overseas?

You can use your Heritage Visa Card anywhere overseas you see the Visa symbol, including ATMs and merchant terminals. 

Remember, when using your Heritage Visa Card overseas, you will only be able to access your accounts through the Credit facility on your card (Visa Debit or Visa Credit). The ‘Savings’ and ‘Cheque’ functions are only for use in Australia so make sure you press ‘Credit’ every time you use the card, even at ATMs.

Find your nearest ATM location near while overseas using the Visa Global ATM Locator.

Fees for using an ATM overseas

A currency conversion fee and ATM withdrawal fee will apply as outlined in our Fees and Limits Guide. Learn more with our FAQ - 'What fees apply for using my card overseas?'

If you're using a Visa Credit Card to withdraw money, a cash advance fee and cash advance rate will also apply. 

Are you travelling overseas soon?

Don't forget to let Heritage Bank know of your travel plans, including countries and dates for travel. 
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