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Should I allow merchant and Apps to remember my Visa card details for future purchases?

It’s important to be careful when allowing merchants and Apps to remember your Visa card details for future purchases. Some Apps will use a token when storing your card details, which can make transactions more secure by replacing your sensitive cardholder account details with a token.  

Heritage also supports Visa's Cloud Token Framework (CTF) and device binding functionality. Device binding is the process of linking a token to a trusted device. 

During the binding process, the merchant or other token requestor’s site or app asks you to select a connected device and mark it as trusted. This allows you to skip the verification process when you next make a payment on that App using your card. 

When e-commerce and card-on-file merchants store a token instead of your card data, they can then bind the same token to your multiple devices, such as mobile phone, tablet and smartwatch. For future transactions, the usage of trusted devices can serve as an additional identification factor. 

Remember, to help protect yourself from fraud or scams, you should follow best practises for secure online shopping. If you are concerned that your card details may be compromised, cancel your card immediately and contact us.

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