Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive money from overseas with a Inward Telegraphic Transfer?

Step 1

Contact Heritage to ensure your account has adequate and up-to-date identification is recorded for you to receive an Inward Telegraphic Transfer.

Step 2

Go to the Convera website and complete our online form.

Step 3

Choose the country you are receiving funds from.

Step 4

Complete the relevant information in the online form.

Please ensure that you double check that the BSB and account numbers are correct. Convera and Heritage do not cross check the account number with the account name submitted. We rely on the account number as your instructions to transfer money to that bank account. It may not be possible to recover funds from an unintended recipient if you provide the incorrect bank account details.

Step 5

Once you are satisfied the information you have entered is correct select submit. You will then be presented with the PDF deposit instructions. Please save it for your reference and email it to the sender/ follow payment instructions.

Step 6

Ask the sender to:

  • present these instructions to their bank when sending the payment to you.
  • deposit the amount into the dedicated Convera account as stated in the instructions in local currency and not in AUD.
  • instruct bank teller to include the “Payment Notes” in the bank’s reference field as specified in the PDF deposit instructions.
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