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Can I open an account with another person?

Yes, you can open a joint account either online or by attending a branch.

A joint account is an account held in the name of more than one person. It is important to know that if you open a joint account with another person, you will both be liable for any money that is owing on the account. This means we can ask both of you, or one of you, for the whole of the amount owing. 

When opening the account we will ask you about how you wish to be able to withdraw funds from the joint account. This could be:

  • an 'all to sign' basis - this means that all joint holders must sign to authorise a transaction, or
  • a 'one to sign' basis - this means that one of the joint holders can sign to authorise a transaction

If you choose to have 'one to sign' - where one account holder can authorise a transaction, you can also have card access to the account.

Internet banking is also available, however there will be restrictions if the account requires both account holders to authorise changes.

You can ask us to change these arrangements at any time by contacting us and giving us new recognised instructions.

If one joint holder dies, the surviving joint account holders will automatically take the deceased joint holder's interest in the account (this may be different for business accounts).

It is important to read the terms and conditions of the account. This will further explain the important legal consequences of holding a joint account. 



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