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Frequently asked questions

How secure is an Apple Pay transaction?

Apple Pay is very secure. You’re protected through your Apple device’s security settings (i.e. Face ID, Touch ID or your device passcode) on every transaction.

In addition, Heritage monitors your transactions to identify any unusual account activity. For further information on Apple Pay security, visit the Apple support page:

Will merchants receive my physical card number?

No. Your physical card number will not be shown to the merchant when making transactions.

Is Apple Pay secure?

Yes, Apple Pay is secure. A unique Device Account Number is securely stored on a chip in the device so payment can be made without any card information having to be shared with the retailer.

Other features which help to keep your payments secure and safe include:

iPhone and iPad

Payments can only be authorised by using Touch ID or Face ID (if enabled), or by entering the device passcode.

Apple Watch

Payments can only be authorised if the device passcode has been entered, you’re wearing your Apple Watch and skin contact with the device has not been lost. If the device is removed from your wrist, Wrist Detect deactivates the NFC feature and Apple Pay. To re-activate the NFC feature and Apple Pay the device passcode has to be entered again.

Please note: you should never share your device passcode, or register more than one person’s biometrics (fingerprint or face), while your card is registered to Apple Pay.

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