Account help

Access your account your way, with helpful tips on how to activate a card, change your PIN, set up eStatements and other ways to bank.

Supporting you
Supporting you
Scam alerts
Scam alerts & fraud protection
Fight scammers with our help. Learn how we protect you from fraud and become savvy at identifying scams with our help guides and security tips.
Deceased Estates
Closing your loved one’s accounts at Heritage Bank.
Speak to us in your language
Chat to us in your language using our free and trusted interpreter service. Available at your local branch and over the phone.
Update my address, phone number or email address
Update your contact details when logged into Heritage Online, over the phone or in person. 
Ways to Bank at Heritage Bank
Ways to bank with us

Make payments on the go with smart payment technology including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Banking Branchless
No matter where you’re located, we have banking solutions to help you including 24/7 service, online account opening, Bank@Post and much more.