Family Guarantee

Our Family Guarantee loan is a way for immediate family members, like parents, to help you purchase a home without them providing cash for a deposit.


Your family members can use the equity in their own home to provide additional security for part of your loan amount. This solution reduces your loan to value ratio (LVR). 
  • By increasing your security through a guarantee from your family, you will reduce the loan value ratio of your loan to 80% or less and avoid paying Lender's Mortgage Insurance.
  • The guarantee will be released once the limited amount of the guarantee is paid in full or when the standard LVR requirements are achieved (subject to approval). The guarantor or borrower may request a revaluation at any time to confirm the LVR, subject to the payment of the valuation fee.
  • First home buyers who are also owner occupiers may be eligible to borrow up to an additional $50,000 to use for home improvements.
  • You can consolidate minor debts into the loan amount, if they are less than 5% of the purchase price.
  • Standard guarantee and legal fees will apply. This includes land titles registration fees and the cost of obtaining Independent Legal Advice.
  • The guarantor can be a new or existing Heritage Home Loan customer or even retain their home loan with their existing home loan provider.
Am I Eligible?

  • Family members who can provide the Family Guarantee include parents, siblings, sons and daughters.
  • You can use a Heritage Family Guarantee to buy a home and you don't have to be a first home buyer to be eligible.
  • Individual applicants are restricted to a maximum of one parental guarantee/family guarantee borrowing.
  • Owner occupied loans only
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