Register for SMS Security/Manage SMS Settings

Accessible under the Settings menu.

SMS Security is the term Heritage uses to relate to using a One Time Password (OTP) to verify a transfer to a new 'Pay Anyone' destination. 

The concept is the same as the Pay Anyone Process however security is increased as you will receive a code sent by SMS to your mobile phone that you will need to enter online to authorise the new payee.

'Pay Anyone with a Password' requires you to enter in a password that you must remember and it does not change unless you change it yourself. SMS Security however involves a new and unique code being sent, each time, to a device that only you have possession of. In addition this device is not connected to the computer you are currently using to perform your transaction.

On this page you can Enable or Disable SMS Security.  

Please note that if you disable SMS Security you will not be able to perform transfers to new destinations unless you sign up for Pay Anyone with a password or re-enable SMS Security.