Top Tips for International Travel

  1. Ensure that you contact Heritage to advise the dates and countries of your planned travel.
  2. If you will be using internet banking whilst overseas, consider changing from ‘SMS Security’ to a ‘Pay Anyone password’, or disabling this facility altogether for the duration of the trip.
  3. Heritage offers a stand-alone product for international use called a Multi-currency Cash Passport. With this, you can load up to ten currencies onto one easy-to-use card. These can be obtained through any Heritage branch, and can be used without accessing your Heritage account. As these cards are prepaid, they can be topped up from Heritage internet banking using BPAY®. Please ensure that you have a sufficient limit for BPAY® as these transfers are classed as Special Limit Billers.
  4. When using your Heritage cards overseas, you will only be able to access your accounts through the Credit facility on the relevant card (Visa Debit or Visa Credit).
  5. If you need to change your PIN while you're overseas, you can do so easily through Heritage Online. Simply log on to Internet Banking, select 'Change PIN on Card' (located under services). Follow the prompts to complete your request. Once submitted we will send you a One Time Password either to your current mobile phone number, or email address. To complete the process, once you receive your One Time Password go to to finalise your PIN change. If you are overseas, we'll send your One Time Password to your most current email address. For more information , including what to do if you hold a joint membership, refer to our Pin Change Help Guide.
  6. Heritage has daily card limits when selecting credit on your Visa card. The standard daily card limits are $10,000 within Australia and $3,000 outside of Australia. If you wish to discuss your daily limit requirements whilst travelling, visit your local branch or call our Contact Centre on 13 14 22.
  7. Check your card expiry dates to ensure your card does not expire whilst you are away.
  8. There are specific fees and charges involved with transactions made outside Australia and in a currency other than Australian Dollars (AUD) on Heritage card products:
    1. For purchases, this is 3% of the Australian dollar value of the transaction.
    2. For ATM/counter withdrawals, this is $5.00 (Australian), plus the 3% listed above.
  9. You can call Heritage on +61 7 4690 9000 from overseas to speak with someone about details relating to your accounts. Our contact centre is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist. 
  10. If your Heritage card is lost or stolen, you can call our emergency contact number at any time to cancel the card, on +61 7 4694 9139.
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