Save money with a financial health check

A financial health check can help you determine whether there is any area for improvement when it comes to your finances.

Planning to reach saving goals

A financial health check is about putting some time aside to look at what your current financial and services providers are charging and offering you, as well as creating or reviewing your budget and financial goals.

Review your current financial and service providers

Start with reviewing your current financial and service providers and products. Here are four steps to consider:

1. Ask your current providers to help you review your products and services, including the price. Check you are not paying for a product that offers more than what you need.

2. When talking with your current providers ask about their current deals, or best rate. Remember to understand product differences and that a cheaper price now does not always mean cheaper in the long-run.

3. Shop around with other providers and compare prices. You may like to take quotes back to your current providers to see what they can do. Use comparison websites, such as Canstar Blue and Finder.

4. Remember, when reviewing your products and comparing with others you won't necessarily be comparing 'apples with apples'. Consider what the product or service offers, fees, rates, and any other costs associated. Make sure you understand everything before you make a switch. You have the right to ask the providers as many questions as you like, until you fully understand a product or service and the costs involved. If you are comparing lending products have a read Lending interest rates explained for more information. 

Here is an initial list of services and products you may consider in your review:
  • Credit card fees and interest
  • Personal loan fees and interest
  • Home loan fees and interest
  • Account fees and interest
  • Car loan fees and interest
  • Car insurance
  • House insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Other insurance (such as life)
  • Phone connection and plans
  • Internet connection and plans
  • Entertainment subscriptions such as Netflix or Spotify
  • Electricity plans 

Review and update your budget

Keeping an up-to-date budget will help you feel more in control of your finances and give you insight areas to save money. Ensure all of your service and financial providers are included in your budget, as well as all other outgoing costs. Once you have finished comparing service and financial providers update your budget accordingly. If you have found areas for saving consider whether you could put this money towards paying off a debt sooner, or putting it into a high interest savings account.

Consider your goals

Now is the time to consider whether the savings you have found during your financial health check could be helping you reach your goals sooner. Whether you are wanting to manage your debt more effectively, or to save more money, considering your goals regularly is a great way to stay focused.

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