How much does it cost to keep a pet?

Prepare for your newest family member by understanding the costs involved.

Purchase cost

The type of pet you decide to buy will determine the purchase cost. While you can adopt a pet from an animal rescue for a relatively small amount, you can pay in the thousands for specific breeds of cats, dogs, and even feathered and scaly friends.

Ongoing costs

Pets require a number of ongoing costs. Here's a list to consider:

  • Purchase
  • De-sexing
  • Initial costs: toys, bed, coat, grooming equipment, tank and equipment
  • Initial immunisations
  • Ongoing annual immunisations
  • Flea, tick and worm treatment
  • Grooming
  • Food
  • Unexpected medical costs
  • Pet insurance
  • Holiday care

Unexpected costs

When something goes wrong with a pet it can be a very difficult time – while your heart will obviously want to do everything you can for a pet, your finances may not allow for this. Have a think about what you can afford should something go wrong with your pet. While pet insurance products can help, not all policies cover all illnesses and accidents, so it’s important to understand exactly what you are getting when you sign up for insurance.

Tip - consider putting extra money aside as part of your savings in case of unexpected vet or other pet bills. To get the most out of the money you put away, ensure you have the best savings accounts for your situation.

Budgeting for your pet

For tips on budgeting for your pet, plus useful tools and products to help you along the way, check out our Buying and Budgeting for a Pet hub.


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