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Shop online faster

Visa Checkout

Learn about the easy, worry-free way to shop online without re-entering your card number.

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Create your own card

Choose Your Own Card

Personalise your card with Heritage’s unique Choose Your Own Card service.

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Visa Debit Card

payWave Visa Debit

For people who like the convenience of credit cards, but prefer to use their own money where EFTPOS isn’t available - over the phone, online or overseas.

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Verified By Visa

Get added assurance when shopping online. Verified by Visa is a service that lets you use a personal password with your Heritage Visa card.

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Security & Privacy

We take the ongoing trust that you place in us to protect your personal information very seriously.

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Credit Cards

At Heritage, we put People first with a range of credit and debit cards that offer exceptional value and benefits.

Find the card that is right for you

Check out the Heritage range of cards. There’s a Heritage card for every kind of person.


Visa Platinum

Earn valuable rewards, plus get the extras you’d expect from a premium card, like concierge and insurances.

Freedom Visa

Visa Classic

A low credit limit card which is great for small, everyday purchases.


Visa Classic

Be rewarded for everyday spend. Access our loyalty program which has exciting bonus partners and rewards.

Visa Debit Card

payWave Visa Debit

Gives you the convenience of a credit card, but the security of using your own money.

Gold Low Rate

payWave Visa Gold

Get real value for money with our low rate card with no annual fee.

Balance Transfer

Transfer the balance from your non-Heritage credit card to a Heritage Visa card.

At Heritage we recognise and reward loyalty

Here’s another way Heritage puts People first. If you have a credit card that has Heritage Rewards, or hold three Heritage products from selected product categories, we’ll reward you with Credits that can be spent on a variety of items including gift cards, home wares, appliances and more.

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